Grades 9-12 Math

Ninth-9th Grade, Tenth-10th Grade, Eleventh-11th Grade and Twelfth-12th Grade Smartboard Interactive Math Games, Activities and Lessons

Teachers and students can use these Smart Board games, lessons and activities to learn about Math in Ninth Grade, Tenth Grade, Eleventh Grade and Twelfth Grade. Some of the topics covered are: Integers, Equations,  Algebra, Statistics,  Analysis, Calculus, Complex, Algorithms, Differential, Fractals, Linear, Matrix, Logic, Set Theory, Nonlinear, Number Theory, Differential Equations, Partial Equations, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Functions

Circle Geometry PropertiesA superb resource on circles with two sections “Explore It” and “Use It” which cover the facts about circle geometry.  Multiple choice questions with guidance help students when they go wrong.  Interactives and games are included.

Practice Financial Planning – In “Check It Out” players simulate using one month’s earnings to pay one month’s bills.  Great way for students to learn about budgeting and financial planning.

Financial Literacy – Students simulate planning their “Dream Prom.”  Players can easily see how the cost of the plans stacks up against their income.  Great financial literacy activity.

Managing Credit – In “Charge It” players learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards.  They will learn all about the “real” cost of using credit.

Order of Operations – This fairly challenging math game, “One to Ten,” requires players to use the numbers, symbols, and operations given in the proper order to achieve the given result.  Great practice in using the order of operations correctly.

Factoring – “Quadratic Rush” was designed to assist Algebra and Pre-Algebra students in gaining skills which will be useful when they begin factoring quadratic equations. The game can be played by any students with an understanding of addition and multiplication.

Pythagorean Theorem Jeopardy – In this Pythagorean Theorem Game, 8th grade students will practice calculating the hypotenuse and the unknown leg in a right triangle. The converse of the Pythagorean Theorem will also be utilized to verify if three numbers could be the sides of a right triangle. This game will support your math Smartboard lesson.

Slope-Intercept Smartboard Game – This slope-intercept Smartboard game has ten multiple choice problems about the slope-intercept form of a linear equation. Fun basketball graphics and sound!

 Money and Budgeting – One of the coolest games for learning about financial math. Students will LOVE the layout and interactivity of this game!

Slope-Intercept – High school math students will love practicing slope intercept with this interactive Smartboard game. The students must find the equation of the line before the time runs out and the roaches win! Attach this activity to your Slope Intercept Smartboard math lesson.

Multiples, Fractions in Lowest Terms, Primes and Perfect Squares – Apprehend all the numbers that fit the description, and avoid all the numbers that don’t. Practice multiples of that number, or select other games from drop down menu. In each game type students will have a total of 50 numbers to test.

Algebraic Expressions Game – Students solve the simple algebraic equations shown on the balls. The Interactive environment makes learning fun.

Order Positive and Negative Numbers – Students can practice placing numbers in order on the Smartboard by arranging the balls.  Practice is provided by both positive and negative numbers.

Square Roots Cannon GamePractice finding square roots in “Square Root Cannon.”  Four levels of play provide practice for all levels.

Functions Input Output Smartboard Game – Investigate the relationship between input and output values in Function Machine.  Two level of practice are provided – Beginner and Advanced.

Polynomial Expression Game – Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials in Polynomial Jeopardy.  One player or two player modes all for practice alone or in a competitive environment.

Slope of a Line – Algebra vs. the Cockroaches is an arcade-style game that students will love.  Players have to use the information given to determine the equation of a line in slope-intercept form.

Exponential Form – Practice greater than and less than with exponents on the Smartboard in this game.  Players enter the values that want to use for practice to tailor it to fit their needs.

Quadratic Equations Game – Practice solving linear and quadratic equations.  This game allows to players to select their level of difficulty then first to get four dots in a row wins.

Speed Calculation Game – Practice calculating speed in this interactive game.  Great graphics, animation, and sound make reviewing fun!

Absolute Value – Practice computing absolute value in this cool online math game.  Nice graphics, animation, and time factor make this a fun, fast-paced activity.

Probability Game – Cool probability game with Coco the parrot.  Nice game on finding the probability of simple and independent events.

Simple Interest – Use this free, online math game to understand the concept of simple interest and how it is calculated.  Learn how to find the simple interest of different loans by playing this fun educational game.

Compound Interest – Practice compound interest in this awesome online math game.  Before the game, there is a brief lesson written for students to review prior to playing.

Tips – Practice calculating the amount of tip due in this online math game.  Players read a brief lesson then practice their skills in the interactive game.