World Language Games

Smartboard Interactive Foreign World Language Games, Activities and Lessons – Spanish Games, French Games , German Games

Teachers and students can use these Smartboard games, activities and lessons to learn about Foreign Language – Spanish, French, German. Some of the topics covered are: Vocabulary, Grammar, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing

Learn Colors in Spanish – Players click on the colored circle to hear the color name spoken in Spanish and written on the screen.  Visual and auditory learning create the link between the visual clues and words.

Match Color Words in Spanish – Players view a colored circle then match the color with the written color word.  Auditory clues help the player learn to speak the word correctly.

Practice Color Recognition in SpanishThis Spanish learning game is played in the typical “concentration” style.  One card shows the color word while its match shows a sample of the color.

Learn Numbers in Spanish – Interactive game provides multisensory practice in learning numbers in Spanish.  Players see the numbers on a number line, hear the word spoken, and see a series of items that represent the number.

Match Numbers in SpanishPlayers interactively match a set of objects to the displayed numeral.  A correct response results in the items being counted individually for them.  Visual and auditory information reinforce learning.

 Spanish Math Practice – Help rescue Dude in this lesson, who is trapped on a rooftop, by answering a few math questions. Pick addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a mix of all four. Then pick a level (Easy, Hard, or Extreme). Select Spanish!

Spanish Concetration Smartboard Game – Students practice Spanish vocabulary in this animal match-up game!  Students earn reward candies for correct answers.

Spanish Calendar Words and Phrases – This is Spanish matching game to review and reinforce calendar words and phrases.  This game has nice color, graphics, and interactivity.

Spanish Speed Word – In this game, players race against the clock to type in the English equivalent of the Spanish word shown.  Three speed levels make this game useful for different age groups.

Spanish Alphabet Chalkboard – Cool interactive chalkboard lesson with animated chalk that spells the word correctly.  Then the word is pronounced orally for the student while a graphic appears.  Nice way to learn or review Spanish vocabulary.

Common Foreign Phrases – Students can practice matching some common foreign phrases to their English meaning.  This activity is a good way to introduce students to foreign phrases used in everyday language.

Spanish Color Words Matching Game – By matching the Spanish color word to its English equivalent, students get interactive practice.  Correct answers reveal a part of a picture behind the cards.

Spanish-English Math Words Matching Game – Students match English and Spanish math words.  These words are not only numbers, but phrases as well.  The game provides useful interactive practice and reinforce at the end of the game.

Latin Abbreviation Matching Game – This game will teach and review the Latin equivalents of many English abbreviations.  Great way to introduce these terms or reinforce prior learning.