Grade 9-12 Social Studies

Ninth-9th Grade, Tenth-10th Grade, Eleventh-11th Grade and Twelfth-12th Grade Smartboard Interactive Social Studies Games, Activities and Lessons

Teachers and students can use these Smartboard games, activities and lessons to learn about Social Studies in Ninth Grade, Tenth Grade, Eleventh Grade and Twelfth Grade. Some of the topics covered are: Early Civilizations, Exploration and Colonization, Revolution and New Nation, Westward Expansion, Civil War and Reconstruction, Modern United States, Great Depression and World War II, Postwar United States, Contemporary United States

Understand the Goals of the UN – In MDG Matters: Get the 8 Straight, players learn more about the MDGs in a fun way.  Do you think you already know everything there is to know about them? Then test your knowledge while playing our MDG Card Game!

The Orange Revolution – The Orange Revolution grabbed the world’s headlines in late 2004 and early 2005 as the results of the Ukrainian presidential election were contested by the leading candidates. Can you maintain order and peace, or will your decisions cause thousands of protesters to revolt?

Haiti – Global Living – In “Taking It Global” players assume the roles of family members living in rural Haiti.  Over the course of the game, players assume the role of family members living in rural Haiti.  Their choices affect the balance among various goals, such as achieving education, making money, staying health, and maintaining happiness while encountering unexpected events.

Learn About Countries – “Geography Genius:  Flags of the World” gives players an opportunity to explore the flags, shapes, and statistics of countries all over the world.  Players can try their skills at three different levels.

Ancient Artifacts Smartboard Lesson – Students identify the uses of ancient tools. Each item has a hint useful for even more knowledge about people in the Stone Age.

Continent and Ocean Maps Smartboard Activity – Students identify continents and bodies of water by typing in the beginning letters of their names. Immediate correction keeps learning fun.

World Geography Map Game– Students drag continents and oceans on the Smartboard to their correct location. Immediate reinforcement keeps students engaged.

Twentieth Century – Students test their knowledge of 20th century trivia in this game.  Each game has 20 questions from a set of 600 to provide continuous play with repetition.

Twentieth Century President Game – Players test their knowledge on trivia about 20th century U.S. presidents.  Each game lesson includes 20 questions from a set of 340 questions to offer unlimited play.

World Landmarks Game – Fun jigsaw puzzle of famous landmarks keep students entertained and learning.  Along with a nice picture of the landmark, the game also shows its location on a map and an informational paragraph.

Locate Countries and States – Students are shown a country or state.  They must correctly identify the country or state and type its name in the box using correct spelling.  Players can select their land area and a difficulty from five different levels.