Grades 3-5 Science

Third-3rd Grade, Fourth-4th Grade and Fifth-5th Grade Smartboard Interactive Science Games, Activities and Lessons

Teachers and students can use these Smartboard games, activities and lessons to learn about Science in Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade. Some of the topics covered are: Scientific Testing, Investigating, Record Data, Create Graphs, Compare Results, Generate Questions, Systems, Human Population, Technology, Parts of a Flower, Life Cycles, Organisms, Diversity, Adaptation, Behavior, Motion of Objects, Energy and Magnetism, Earth Materials, Animal Cells, Frog Life Cycle

Life Science

The Water Cycle – Animation, graphics, and gaming guides student through the study of the water cycle.  Students receive animated instruction as well as fun practice in this Smartboard lesson!

 Frog Life Cycle Game – Players help the frog complete its life cycle, reproduce, and multiply.  See the frog’s life cycle come to life.

Butterfly Life Cycle Lesson– Players review the stages of the butterfly’s life cycle in this Smartboard lesson.  By getting them all correct, they see the butterfly come to life.

Food Chain – Students will drag items on the Smartboard to their correct place on the food chain.  As a reward the food chain will “come to life” when all the items are in the right place.

Animal Characteristics Game – Students classify animals based on their different characteristics.  Student will enjoy dragging the animals to the bins:  mammal, reptile, bird, fish, or amphibian.

Animal Diet Game – Students classify animals as Herbivore, Omnivore or Carnivore in this fun lesson.  When they get the correct answer, the animals begins eating.

Animal Classification Hangman – Players type the correct missing letters to complete the animal name.  Players receive a hint in the animal classification box.

Animal Cell Game – This is an awesome game for identifying the parts of an animal cell.  Players drag the names of the cell parts to the correct location.  When the player gets a correct answer, the part comes alive.

Producers, Consumers and Decomposers Game – This game reviews and reinforces the role of producers, consumer, and decomposers.  After clicking the correct category, you will watch it in action.

Physical Science

Design Squad: Fidgets – Design, build and share puzzles while you learn about motion and forces. Students must use some of their geometric knowledge to play this fast paced game.

Earth Science

Landforms Smartboard Game– Students learn about how various landforms are created and about the length of time it takes.  Also, students will visually see the effects of erosion.

Fossils Memory – This game engages players on the Smartboard in a “concentration” type activity to review the various types of fossils.  Each pair of cards names a type of fossil and shows an illustration.

Volcanoe Lab – Students answer practice questions about volcanoes. Each correct answer takes them one step closer to a volcanic eruption.

Solar System – As students answer questions correctly, they inch their way through the solar system.  Their skills and knowledge help the comet reach the sun.

Space Chase – This is a cool interactive game about space and the planets in Magic School Bus style.  Students will enjoy the graphics and animation as they review information about the solar system.

Human Body

Human Anatomy Interactive Lesson and Game– Detailed human anatomy charts are provided on the Smartboard to students when they click on the system they want to learn.  Students will like this in depth visualization of the human body.