Music Games

Smartboard Interactive Music Games, Activities and Lessons

Teachers and students can use these Smartboard games, activities and lessons to learn about Music. Some of the topics covered are: Body Percussion, Speech, Singing, Rhymes, Movement, Folk Dance, Drama, Percussion Instruments, Instruments, Music History, Composers, Music Notes, Piano, Keyboard, Tones, Note Names

Practice Musical TonesPlayers listen to the tone and select the note that has been played.  Great practice for identifying pitch and tone.

Make Music with Objects  A physicist, a scientist, and a musician experiment with sound, music, and acoustics using instruments both real and found.  Select any combination to reveal a way to make music out of ordinary and not so ordinary objects.

Making Music with Ordinary Items – Visit a quirky kitchen where you can compose music with ordinary (and not-so-ordinary) objects.  Players can use kitchen objects to make music or transform them into ordinary musical instruments.

Mixing Music – Use Dot Mixer to produce music electronically by combining or adjusting sounds from more than one source.  You can produce some pretty mixed-up music with Dot Mixer because the dots bring music from many different genres.

Step  Dancing – Use your own combination of stomps and claps to make your very own “stomp.”  Arrange and rearrange your rhythm sequence until you achieve the dance you want.

Music History and Geography – Combine music and geography in this activity.  Students uncover the origin or extraordinary instruments.

Play the Piano on the Virtual Keyboard – Students can click the keys on the Smartboard and learn to play keyboard using this activity. A drum beat, chord option, and much more will make learning fun!

Music – High/Low – In this interactive high/low music lesson, students learn to detect if a note is higher or lower than the previous one.  This is a great way for beginning music students to “train” their ears for pitch and tone.

Music – What’s That Note? – Players help “Piggy” learn to play the correct notes.  This games provides three levels of difficulty.

Music Notes Activity – Cute little pig plays a sequence of notes and the player must repeat the series.  The game provides great practice in playing from what is heard.

Music – Note Names – Players must properly identify the note and place it on the music staff.  Ten rounds of play insure adequate practice.