Health PE Games

Smartboard Interactive Health and Physical Education Games, Activities and Lessons

Teachers and students can use these Smartboard games, activities and lessons to learn about Physical Education and Health. Some of the topics covered are Physical Education, Body Movement, Stretching, Exercising, Nutrition, Healthy Habits, Fitness, Injury Prevention, Stress Management, Body Systems, Decision Making, Skin Cancer, Sleeping and Resting, Tobacco, Alcohol, Dental Health, Food Pyramids

Butt  Out:  Tobacco Trivia – Test your knowledge about tobacco while playing our Tobacco Card Game! Match the cards, answer the trivia questions, and based on your speed and accuracy, accumulate as many points as possible!

Learn about Healthy Food Choices Play GRUB:  Food Bytes.  Do you hunger for information about food choices and food systems? The Growing Reflections, Understanding Bites (GRUB) Card Game has all of the ingredients you need to enhance your food-related knowledge. Use your noodle to match the cards and answer trivia questions, and watch your score mushroom!

Learn About Mental Health – Play Mind Match to review and learn about mental health.  Mental health is an important issue that affects many young people. What do you know about it? Find out by playing our Mind Match: Mental Health Trivia game! Match the cards, answer mental health trivia questions, and be mindful of your rising score!

SCI: Skin Cancer Investigation – Students learn about healthy skin and how to protect it from the sun’s UV rays in this Smartboard lesson. Students test their knowledge in the “Glowell Clinic.”

Sleeping and Resting Lesson – In this game, students answer questions about sleep to find out if you are a sleep star or a snore loser.  Interactivity and graphics will keep students interested in learning.

Tobacco and Alcohol Smartboard Lesson – This interactive Q & A game makes students aware of the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco. Immediate reinforcement and graphics keeps students engaged in learning.

Learn to Stay Healthy – Students play interactive games to emphasize the importance of ways to stay healthy. These include keeping things clean, cooking and chilling food properly, and separating cooked and raw foods.

Nutrition Smartboard Game – Colorful graphics and animation teach kids about the importance of good nutrition and exercise.  Food groups, Exercises, and a Parents Page are included in this outstanding site.

Food Pyramid Match-up – This concentration style game requires players to match foods to their food group.  Correct answers reveal a portion of a hidden picture.

Human Anatomy Smartboard Lesson – Detailed human anatomy charts are provided to students when they click on the system they want to learn.  Students will like this in depth visualization of the human body.

Food Groups Game – Players drag the foods into the groups according to the Food Pyramid.  When the game is complete and correct, something special will happen!