Grades 9-12 Reading

Ninth-9th Grade, Tenth-10th Grade, Eleventh-11th Grade and Twelfth-12th Grade Smartboard Interactive Reading Games, Activities and Lessons

Teachers and students can use these Smartboard games, lessons and activities to learn about Reading ELA in Ninth Grade, Tenth Grade, Eleventh Grade and Twelfth Grade. Some of the topics covered are: Comprehension, Author’s Purpose, Fact and Opinion, Main Idea, Story Elements, Vocabulary, Grammar, William Shakespeare

Practice Making Speeches – Animated characters demonstrate good and bad speech practices.  Tips givens are sure to improve the student’s speech delivery – and their grades.

Creative Writing Practice – A site for people who love to write, but don’t have time to write! It’s never been this much fun, or this easy…just fifteen minutes to write poetry and prose, and publish for all the world to see.  Great writing prompts are given that can be written online or used in a separate document.

Explore the Works of Edgar Allan Poe – Familiarize yourself with the mysterious life and works of Edgar Allan Poe.  This great interactive site will capture the attention and interest of even the most reluctant reader.

Summarizing Smartboard Activity – Summarizing information is an important postreading and prewriting activity that helps students synthesize what they have learned. The interactive Cube Creator offers four options Bio Cube, Mystery Cube, Story Cube, and Create-Your-Own Cube. Excellent lesson!

Resume Generator – This online tool guides students through the creation of a resume. Saving capability allows them to return to their work and make revisions. Written and audio tips throughout the tool guide students as they complete each section of the resume.

Graphic Organizers about Literary Elements – Students select the graphic organizer they wish to make on the Smartboard. The interactive activity and lesson guides them through the process.

Paralaughs – Students select a theme first.  Then they enter words of the types indicated, such as noun, plural noun, adjective, verb, etc.  Upon completion of that task, the computer generates a story that students will enjoy reading.

William Shakespeare Activity – This Smartboard lesson is great for an introduction to Shakespeare before beginning a unit of study.